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Complaints Policy

Our policy

At Caxton Youth Organisation, we care about the experience you have with us, so whether it is good or bad we want to hear from you. When you tell us what you think it helps us to identify good and bad practice and improve what we do.   If you have had a bad experience, you can make a complaint if you are directly involved in the matter, or give us negative feedback if you are not directly involved in the matter.

Complaints Policy

If you have a reason to make a complaint about Caxton Youth Organisation, we will:

  • Listen to what you say and investigate your complaint politely, fairly and in confidence.
  • Apologise if we have made a mistake.
  • Take action to stop it happening again and let you know what we are going to do.


We recognise a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction about Caxton Youth Organisation’s action or lack of action, or about the standard of service.

If you are dissatisfied with something, the first thing to do is to talk to the member of staff involved. They will try to resolve the problem immediately.

If this has not resolved the problem, you can ask to speak or write to a manager.

How to complain

Complaints can be made in a number of ways.  You can:

  • Write or email. You need to provide your details, describe the problem, when it happened and who was involved if you know this.  (See Appendix 1 for relevant addresses.)
  • Telephone – you can phone 020 7834 1883 if you would prefer to talk to someone and ask to speak to the relevant manager, who will note your details, the date and what the problem may be.

When you complain

  • We will try to resolve your complaint and the original enquiry where possible.
  • The manager will deal with your complaint within 10 working days of Caxton Youth Organisation receiving your complaint, setting out what action, if any, we will take to rectify your complaint.

  • You should complain about a problem as soon as possible. It is very difficult for us to deal with complaints made about things that happened more than six months ago.
  • Confidentiality – a general description of the complaint is logged centrally, but access to specific details of the complaint, and contact details of the person complaining are restricted and held for a limited period of time.
  • If you remain unhappy when you receive the reply to your complaint, you can make a further complaint to the Chief Executive Officer, who will respond within 10 working days of it being received.


Appendix 1


Relevant Contact Details for Complaints

  • Rosemary Swainston, Chief Executive Officer:
  • Alternatively, you may prefer to contact our chairperson, Kate Boddington. Please put your complaint in writing marked Private and Confidential, addressed to Kate Boddington and send to:

Basement Clubrooms

Tintern House

Abbots Manor Estate

Alderney Street