Become a Volunteer

Volunteers provide valuable one-to-one and group work support
As one of our volunteers you can play a crucial role in supporting young people with learning disabilities, encouraging them to take part in activities and even leading your own projects. Volunteers enable us to deliver varied and active sessions, drawing on different skills and refreshed energy.

Examples include leading in cooking sessions, providing one-to-one help, assisting in art activities and leading workshops. We also work occasionally with corporate volunteers such as the Department of Transport, developing interactive workshops.

Our volunteer objectives are:

  1. To ensure the aspirations and passions of volunteers are valued.
  2. To support and communicate regularly with volunteers.
  3. To offer diverse opportunities for volunteers.


Why do people volunteer at Caxton?

Reasons include:

  • To socialise and have fun
  • To learn new skills
  • To contribute to others’ lives
  • To try something as a potential career
“I almost feel like I am part of a secret members club in the middle of Victoria. We create art, dance, play sport, cook then (very importantly) eat the delicious food. It doesn’t cost me a penny and it makes me rich in experiences. I hang around with funny, intelligent and inspiring people. One of the best members’ clubs in London.” Dan (Volunteer)

For current opportunities call us, or visit our do-it page, or fill out the application form below