Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners

Nathans Story

Having just won the Jack Petchey award, Nathan was asked how he felt about it. He responded with “I feel actually very surprised, because I’ve been going to Caxton since 2017 and haven’t won the Jack Petchey award until this day.” It has always been a dream for Nathan to win the JP achievement award, and now that dream has become a reality. Noticing how he has matured during his time at Caxton, his peers have decided to vote for Nathan for his helpful and caring nature and his efforts in supporting others. “I helped people with playing music and helped others with the DJ equipment,” said Nathan.  “I was thinking about using my award to go go-karting, cos I feel it’s a very active sport and a good way to experience fun”. We’re all very proud of Nathan at Caxton, well done! 

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