Opportunities Programme

The aim of the Opportunities Programme is to enable the young people to have opportunities to enjoy recreation and develop positive new skills and hobbies.

These activities will help them to build friendships and develop creativity, as well as providing a healthy outlet for self-expression and stress relief.

As part of this programme Caxton Youth Organisation provides:

  • Art Project: young people use a number of different materials and artistic mediums to create art work, including creative software.
  • Music Project: Caxton members work together to create their own music.
  • Sports: young people gain an understanding of the importance of exercise. They learn to work as part of a team and make strategic decisions. Sporting activities include football, cycling and dance.
  • Volunteering: By taking part in our Volunteering Project the young people have opportunities to take responsibility and ownership of projects, build new skills and share their knowledge with others.

Caxton Youth Organisation also runs the Jack Petchey Achievement Award. The bronze reward awards three young people every year for their contribution to the organisation from volunteering to being an excellent role model.

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