Social & Emotional Wellbeing Programme

The aim of our Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programme is to increase the charity’s capacity to support young people with learning disabilities to manage their emotional wellbeing, and develop skills to reduce stress and strengthen resilience. The projects delivered at Pimlico and on residential trips, aims to provide Caxton’s members with the same information and access to social and emotional wellbeing information as their non-disabled peers.


We are committed to engaging and empowering young people, to come together on the issue of mental health. We favour an assets-based approach where they use their strengths and draw on their skills and experiences to achieve postitive change. Our programme offers young people a structured programme, in addition to person-centered planning, to guide them to achieve their aspirations, as well as ensuring greater social inclusion.


Greener Futures Project

Young people will benefit from a more accessible and inclusive approach to climate change and environmental education, covering a wide range of topics which reflect the broad nature of the issue. This will be led by our youth work team who are all specifically trained to support young people with learning disabilities. We will work closely with external organisations with expertise in specific topics relating to climate change. 


Youth Government Project

Our long-term goal for the programme is to amplify learning disabled and autistic youth voice in Westminster, to provide a platform for young people at Caxton to speak out on issues and challenges they are facing, and ultimately to build a more inclusive community where all young people can thrive. Currently, we are building the groundwork for long-term success by developing our youth government and ensuring they are shaping Caxton Yoth Organisation.

The Youth Government meet our CEO Rose Swainston monthly on a Thursday evening.

Our ministers for 2023 include:

Shane – Minister of the Environment

Mahfuz – Minister of Communications and Wellbeing

Ellis – Minister of Media and Advocacy

Antonio – Minister of Quality control and service design