Social & Emotional Wellbeing Programme

The aim of our Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programme is to increase the charity’s capacity to support young people with learning disabilities to manage their emotional wellbeing, and develop skills to reduce stress and strengthen resilience. The projects delivered at both bases aim to provide Caxton’s members with the same information and access to health services as their non-disabled peers, ensuring their safety.


We are committed to engaging and empowering young people, to come together on the issue of mental health. We favour an assets-based approach where they use their strengths and draw on their skills and experiences to achieve postitive change. Our programme, led by Amy Rennie, Head of Programmes, offers young people a structured programme, in addition to person-centered planning, to guide them to achieve their aspirations, as well as ensuring greater social inclusion.


Our Social and Emotional Wellbeing Programme includes the following principles:



Young people will take part in communication skills workshops and 1:1 work to develop a communications toolkit that suits their needs. Young People will explore socialising and relationships in different contexts, such as how to deal with unhealthy relationships, making friends, dialogue and conversations, body language, and social media.

Taking Notice

Young People will learn a series of strategies and techniques to take notice, including mindfulness; awareness of the environment and how to cope with sensory stress; using an energy accounting tool for autism.

Keep Learning

A series of learning workshops to help develop resilience, self-care and emotional literacy.


The opportunity to take part in a series of helping opportunities e.g. fundraising or helping in volunteering projects. 

Peer 2 Peer

Young People who have been through the programme will receive training and support to be peer mentors. Young people will advise each other about: making friends, feelings, relationships, getting support and helping yourself.