Independence Programme

The aim of the Independence programme is to enable the young people to realise their full potential for independence. For some, this will mean that they move on to independent living; others will continue to live with their families but we will aim to help them become as independent as they possibly can. We run workshops and 1:1s at our youth club every week and on residential trips.

As part of this programme Caxton Youth Organisation provides bespoke work around young people’s goals on themes of:

  • Financial independence

  • Independence at home and life skills

  • Personal Growth, Awareness & Problem Solving

  • Emergency Planning

  • Independent travel

  • Information and advocacy

  • Staying safe and prevention work


“Caxton provides a huge help to us all. The service makes a real big difference and Michael* absolutely loves attending and it has given him his own independence away from us.”(parent, Caxton Youth Organisation)

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